Thursday, June 4, 2009

E-Mail Response from Blane Nelson...

This is the e-mail I received the other day, 05/27/09, from Tac Pyro regarding their lack of response to several e-mails and 4 opened PayPal disputes:

"I sincerely apologize for the delay of all of your orders however many of them should have arrived today. We have been held up with a couple of small issues with the ATF, and have been unable to communicate much until just recently as the issues are now cleared up.

At this time we are unable to sell any M28's or M18's. Our line of launcher inserts is still in production and we plan on expanding that line very soon. Please let me know if there is any way that I can further help.

Blane Nelson"

According to the e-mail, they can no longer sell the M28 flash bang training grenade as per "the ATF".... I called my ATF rep and she could not find anything regarding TacPyro or any issues with the M28.

We DID on the other hand get our orders that were pending for the M28 (we have since pulled all of TacPyro items from our site) and accessories. Unfortunately, we lost all of the clients that were wanting those items as all of them vowed never to order from us again. We have lost, up front, about $5,000 in sales from the customers who were waiting on their items as we refunded all of them. We MAY recoup that loss as we sell the TacPyro items but it will still be a loss as we now have to store those items and eat the daily costs. Not to mention the residual business that we would have received from those customers....

And on top of all this, TacPyro seems oblivious as to how to run a business. As for the ATF, I have no idea as to why they would shit on a small fry company like TacPyro. They had a solid product with an awesome reloadable fuse assembly (maybe uncle sam is jealous). Me personally? I would have continued to sell the product through private channels to keep cash flow coming in to feed my family and find a cheap but quality attorney to handle my affairs.

Moral of the story? If you find a quality product that you want to sell in your business, STOCK-PILE IT!

In the meantime, go to and place an order with us. :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tactical Pyrotechnics Website

If anyone reading this blog has seen or purchased from Blane Nelson at I want to hear from you. If you have recently received products from them, I want the return address on the label from your package. We started ordering from them a few months back and everything was arriving just fine. Then suddenly everything stopped showing up. Calls got excuses that packages were going out "this week" and e-mails were getting the same response. Now, I get no response back to my e-mails whether on site or off and nobody returns the calls. Just a voicemail to an unlisted number saying that Blane Nelson is out of the office. Out Of the Office??? Sure, with my money and several other peoples money. Seems that they were also selling on under the name KarmaArma and have not sent anyone their products for some time now. If you have a return address, a location, anything that can assist me in getting my money back, please reply to this blog or e-mail me at or go to my site at and message us from there.